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Our goal is to identify those community leaders who have an interest in a National outreach that will work to eradicate HIV AIDS.

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Le HAPCU Inc. Of Nevada “Professional Leadership within the Religious Communities” HIV Training: (half day)
This section will provide an overview of essential facts regarding HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention, casual contact, testing procedures, HIV testing methods, laws and regulations, medications, services available to people living with HIV/AIDS in your community, and how to identify and create relationships with social service agencies.

Motivational Interviewing: (half day)

(MI) is cited as the most influential counseling approach in assisting theoretical understanding of change, and has been regarded by some as the most important and innovative therapeutic intervention of the 1980’s.

Motivational interviewing is a client-centered, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. This technique is designed to motivate people to seek help for a problem. It assists the person in discovering his or her own reasons for needing and wanting to change. In this use of MI it is about the client’s ambivalence of being in care.

MI works on the assumption that people have implicit attachments to the behaviors they engage in or not doing, in other words what the person is doing is functional to the person or working for them. In order to assist the people to change it is important to be able to work strategically with the client to support them to override their attachment to the current behavior so they can resolve their ambivalence and move onto the desired behavior change.

As practitioners we work with the natural resistance that is characterized in all people by using techniques and strategies to direct our clients towards change based on the “Stages of Change Model”. So what we have is a known or suspected client behavior of being out of care; our goal is to help them to change that behavior and return to clinical care.


AME Church General Conference 2012

It is very hard to find preachers who will stand in the gap for those who are in need. Every now and then you find "A Few Good Men." We thank God here at Le HAPCU that He has sent us the very best in our company's matriculation. January 1, 2013 will be our 10th year Anniversary. 



Who is Le HAPCU?

“It is the mission of Le HAPCU Inc. to install, equip, and maintain HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Units throughout the African Methodist Episcopal Church Worldwide.”

As you know there are monies awaiting distribution for HIV/AIDS programs across the globe for prevention and care. There are government grants and corporate marketing monies that can be distributed to the local AME Churches for outreach programs.

In order for these monies to be made available to the church, people must be trained in the areas of client centered counseling, case management, HIV 101, and the ABC’s of Hepatitis and STD’s. A work station or designated area, (with file cabinets that lock), internet access, and a physical medical library is what will classify the church as a Care Unit.

Once the full training is complete, we can begin to set up prevention and care units in the local churches and begin funding projects on the local level to reach those at risk and increase outreach and awareness in all levels of health. We can also prepare the church for a physician to pass through rural churches to help those without or insufficient healthcare.

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